Sewer Service

LACSD provides continual sewer services to its customers 24 hours a day in accordance with the Rules and Regulations which can be found here.  The Rules and Regulations identify the terms and conditions under which LACSD will provide wastewater service to its customers. By accepting service, customers explicitly and implicitly agree to be bound by these Rules and Regulations.

Sewer Service Area 

LACSD’s sewer services are provided to a larger area than our water services. Sewer charges are included on the monthly water bill for customers that receive both water and sewer services from LACSD. Sewer charges for customers that only receive sewer services are placed on the property tax roll. The map below indicates LACSD’s sewer service area. To learn more about our water service area, click here.
Water and Sewer Boundary

Sewer System

The District maintains more than 200 miles of sewer pipeline for 12,000 connections and utilizes 20 pump stations to convey wastewater over our varied terrain. Watch a short video to learn more about LACSD’s systems view LACSD and You.

LACSD conducts constant maintenance and repair on the sewer system to reduce the risk of blockages, overflows and backflows. Protecting public health, property and the environment are LACSD’s top priorities. We make every effort to provide uninterrupted water and sewer services for our residents and businesses during repairs.

Even with a vigilant prevention program, spills can still occur. If that happens, District staff is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays, to take care of the problem. To report sewer smells, leaks, and spills call 909-336-7100.

If a sewer spill does occur, LACSD will respond to contain the spill, make repairs, restore service and clean up the affected area as quickly as possible. We work closely with other government agencies to ensure the proper authorities are notified quickly and clean up actions are initiated without delay. LACSD’s sewer spills have decreased dramatically due to the continual maintenance and repair that is constantly conducted. Sewer spills can be caused by blockages in the pipes, vandalism, unexpected pipe breaks, inflow of stormwater and even power outages.

For more information, see our Sewer System Management Plan, SSMP-2022. This document describes our sewer systems and explains LACSD’s response plans and activities.

To view reported sewer spills, visit California Environmental Protection Agency State Water Resources Control Board Water Boards Public Reports.

Sewer System Maintenance

LACSD has a comprehensive program in place to prevent sewer spills.

  • We keep the sewer system well maintained by conducting daily pipe cleaning and manhole inspections throughout the District.
  • We make continual repairs to reduce the inflow of stormwater into the sewer system.
  • We use video cameras to monitor sewer pipes using a closed-circuit television system.
  • We use overflow sensors at key sewer system locations.
  • We raise awareness about the problems caused by putting food, grease and household products down the drain and planting landscaping near underground pipes.
  • We work to secure areas that are at high risk for vandalism.

Customers can also contribute by maintaining a properly operating sewer lateral from their home. For more information, see our Private Sewer Lateral Policy.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater received from our customers is treated at two wastewater treatment plants. A portion of this treated water is recycled and reused for irrigation. Click here to learn more about our recycled water program. The remaining amount is highly treated and conveyed to District property in Hesperia where it is percolated into the Mojave basin groundwater.