Lake Level

The level of Lake Arrowhead is measured by the Arrowhead Lake Association. For the current lake level, click here.

Full lake level is 5106.7 feet above sea level (ALA datum).

LACSD is limited to withdrawing 1,566 acre-feet of water per year from Lake Arrowhead for use by our customers per State Board Order 2006-0001. LACSD has developed a portfolio of various water sources to meet demand. Click here to learn more.

Lake Arrowhead’s only source is from precipitation. LACSD maintains four weather stations that are used by local governments to monitor precipitation around the community.

  • USGS Bernina Weather Station click here
  • Davis Blue Jay Weather Station click here
  • Davis Cedar Glen Weather Station click here
  • CIMIS Weather Station at the Lake Arrowhead Country Club click here

Water use and hydrology statistics can be found in the most recent Board of Directors agenda.