Irrigation Rebates

Studies have shown that the greatest amount of water savings may be realized by updating landscape irrigation systems. LACSD offers the following Outdoor Water Conservation Rebates.

High Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzles (HEN)

High Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzles are 20%-30% more efficient.

LACSD offers up to $3/head (min. and max. limit) when the entire irrigation zone is replaced with HEN’s. They must be on the SoCal WaterSmart list. A pre/post inspection by the District is required.

Weather-Based Irrigation Controller

Weather-based irrigation controllers provide the appropriate watering schedule by adjusting to the needs of the landscape and soil conditions. They can also adjust for changes in the weather.

LACSD offers a rebate for up to $150 when an old controller is replaced.

A Weather Sensor is required and must be on the SoCal WaterSense list. The old controller needs to be turned in to LACSD.

Water Efficient Landscaping

Water efficient landscaping uses more efficient irrigation systems.

LACSD offers a rebate up to $200 when retrofitting to a drip/bubbler system. A pre/post inspection is required.

Outdoor Rebate Form click here to download