View Your Usage


LACSD utilizes online payment services through Xpress Bill Pay where you can also view your usage. Each monthly bill shows the amount of water you used.

On your monthly bill

If you receive a paper bill, you can view your usage on the statement. To understand how to read your monthly bill, click here understanding your bill.


LACSD offers a free app to its customers called Dropcountr. You can download it onto your mobile phone. This app will show your usage on a daily basis so you can monitor your usage, even when you are away from your property.

How to read a water meter

Your water meter is underground in a rectangular box with a green lid, usually found near the street. To view the meter, open the cover carefully with a large screwdriver. Be aware that there are wires connecting the lid to the meter. Water meters are read like an odometer. Simply read the numbers across the counter. There is also a dial, which moves clockwise when water is flowing through the meter. If you turn off all your water fixtures and this dial is moving, you have a leak.

Check the position of the hand on the water meter dial and the number on the counter, and record the reading. Compare this number to a prior reading to determine how much water was used.

The image below represents the type of water meter that the District installs.

If you need assistance to locate your water meter or test for leaks, please contact the Customer Service Specialist at the District Office at (909) 336-7100.