About Your Bill

Water and Sewer Customers

LACSD provides both water and wastewater service to most of our customers. Your monthly bill includes charges for the water you use and fixed monthly service charges. Water meters are read every month. Your bill is always due on a Monday. To understand how to read your bill click understanding your bill.

Sewer Only Residential Customers

Your sewer service charges are added to your property tax bill.

Base Fixed Charges

All customers are charged a base fixed monthly rate, regardless of water usage. The amount charged for water usage pays for the cost to produce that water. The base monthly fee funds the necessary infrastructure improvements that are necessary to keep the system operational.

Why am I billed if I don’t use any water?

We recognize that some property owners only use their homes occasionally. However, the water and wastewater systems must be continually maintained to ensure that, when the home is used, the systems are operational and can provide water, sewer and fire protection 24 hours a day.

For more information about District facilities, watch this short video. LACSD and You

Click here for more information on our current rates and fees.  Rates & Fees