New Connections

When building a new home or structure, a connection permit is required to connect to the District’s water and/or sewer system. The first step is to apply for a Service Availability Letter. This document confirms that the service you are requesting is available from the District for that property and may identify any limitations or special conditions that the District may require. A Service Availability Letter is NOT a water connection permit, nor does it guarantee receipt of a water connection permit.

To apply for a Service Availability Letter, you will need to bring the following items to the District’s Engineering Department at 27307 State Highway 189, Blue Jay, CA 92317 or call (909) 336-7100 to learn how to apply electronically.

  • Service Availability Application click here for application and fee
  • Grant Deed
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Site or Plot Plan
The Service Availability Letter is valid for one year and will be required by the San Bernardino County Department of Building and Safety when the plans are submitted for approval.

Once the County has approved the plans, the applicant may apply for a new connection permit. The District will require a copy of the approved set of building plans which have the San Bernardino County Department of Building and Safety’s stamp on each page and the validated Service Availability Letter.

The following is required for a New Connection permit:

  • Approved, stamped set of plans
  • Validated Service Availability Letter
  • Required Fees click here and for Current Rates & Fees 

Required fees may include a Water Capacity Fee, a Wastewater Capacity Fee, a Water Physical Connection Fee, a Supplemental Water Buy-In Fee, a Fire Flow Test Fee and an Inspection Fee. Other fees may be required depending on site conditions. To calculate an estimate of these new connection fees, click Required Fees here.

For a new connection to the water and wastewater system, click New Connection Fees. For the Fire Flow Test Application click here.

For a new connection to the wastewater system, an inspection will be conducted by District Staff to determine if shoring and other mandated safety issues will require additional connection devices such as a saddle. If required, a District saddle will be provided to the contractor at cost and installed by the contractor or subcontractor at the Owner’s expense.

If you have any questions about new connections, please call our Engineering Department at (909) 336-7106.

Water Meter Sizing

The size of the water meter will depend on the number of water fixtures that are being installed. A remodel that increases the existing fixture count could require that the water meter be upsized. Larger meters have higher connection fees and monthly usage charges. Use the Fixture and Meter Size Chart form to estimate the size of your water meter.

Some customers may be eligible to downsize their meter and reduce their monthly service fees. Utilize the Fixture and Meter Size Chart form referenced above to estimate your meter size requirement. If you believe you qualify to downsize your meter, fill out  Water Meter Downsize Application form  and submit to our Engineering Department for consideration.

New Water Connection Policy

In June 2006, the District adopted Ordinance 65, New Water Connection Policy. which limits the number of new connections to the water system that are permitted each year. The Policy is designed to manage the allocation of water meters for new connections to the District’s water system for service within the Arrowhead Woods. The purpose of the policy is to manage our limited water resources and to assist with long-term planning.

Ordinance 65, New Connection Policy is summarized as follows:

  • Permits to connect will be approved on a “first come, first serve” basis and are nontransferable.
  • A maximum of five (5) water connections will be installed each month. Any remaining monthly allocation will automatically be rolled over to the next month. If less than 60 water connection permits are issued at the end of any calendar year, the remaining number of permits will not be rolled over to the next calendar year.
  • Once the permit allocation for a particular month has been exhausted, an applicant will be placed on a waiting list for the next month in which permits will be available. A position on the waiting list cannot be transferred to another owner or property.
  • Each applicant will be limited to two permits per month.
  • Permits will expire six (6) months from the date they are issued if the water meter is not installed. A one-time extension may be granted for an additional six (6) months. However, if the water meter is not installed within one year from the date the permit was originally issued, the permit will expire and become void.
  • New water connections will only be installed after the foundation has been constructed.
  • The Policy will not apply to remodels, additions or changes of use unless they increase the existing number of connections by either meter size and/or additional meters. The Policy will require that all new connections, including remodels, additions and changes of use, must comply with the District’s mandatory landscape standards.
  • Commercial development projects will also be held to the limitations outlined in the Policy.
  • The limitations and eligibility requirements of the Policy will apply to all applications for subdivision projects, in addition to the other requirements for subdivisions that are outlined in the District’s Rules and Regulations.